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TKAT ACE - A Champion for Every Child

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The TKAT ‘A Champion for Every Child’ (ACE) programme provides those children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium with personalised 1:1 support to help them progress both in terms of academic outcomes and social and emotional development. 

Each child has their own dedicated ACE Tutor. Tutors are trained specifically in helping pupils and their families to identify and overcome barriers to learning at school.

The children build strong relationships with their ACE Tutor through regular, targeted conversations. The tutor becomes their champion and liaises with other members of staff to support them on their journey to a successful future.

ImpactEd, an independent organisation which supports schools and education organisations to evaluate their impact, learn from it, and prioritise what is working best to improve outcomes has been used to independently review the TKAT ACE programme across the academy trust. A summary of their findings are presented below:

‘Our qualitative research across pupils, parents, and TKAT ACE tutors paints an overwhelmingly positive picture of the impact of the TKAT ACE programme. The positive impact of the programme was felt not just on pupils’ academic progress, but also on their confidence and ability to plan for the future. There is also strong evidence that it reduced pupils’ feelings of anxiety and helped to build stronger relationships between school and home.'

Find out more about the ACE Programme at Hilltop below and hear from some of our children, tutors and parents on the impact it has had for them.



Opportunity Passports

At Hilltop as part of our aim to create stepping stones to successful futures, we believe it is important for children to have experiences that not only enhance the curriculum but also open their eyes to possibilities so that they leave primary school having tried activities that we believe to be essential for all primary aged children and are secondary school ready.


Please click here to see our Pupil Passports from Reception to Year 6


Children as Leaders


Working with and supporting others -Through a range of leadership opportunities children develop the ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse people, make compromises, build consensus and value the opinions and contributions of others.

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Children as Thinkers

Teaching our children the thinking tools to become proactive, self-regulated learners who understand how to look after their own mental and physical wellbeing.

Children as thinkers

Children as Speakers

At Hilltop, we recognise the importance of oracy and the school's role in providing a rich language experience. We identify that confident verbal skills are key to securing future employment  and healthy wellbeing. It is our aim that by the time children leave us, they have developed their 'Confident Voice' so that they can articulate their thoughts clearly and have the confidence to do so.

Confident voice