Our aim at Hilltop is for all children to have a secure understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts which will enable them to apply their subject knowledge in different contexts.

Our maths curriculum follows the ‘Mathematics Mastery’ programme and approach. The core principles that underpin the programme are; conceptual understanding, communication and language and mathematical thinking. Together these three areas enable children to be successful in mathematical problem solving. This is at the heart of the Mathematics Mastery curriculum. 

Within lessons, children will have opportunities to solve problems and represent different concepts by using concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches. They will have lots of opportunities to talk, explain and justify their mathematical thinking as they are taught to organise, compare, look for patterns and generalise.

You can read more about the Mathematics Mastery curriculum here.


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Maths at Hilltop - What does it look like?

Maths Subject Overview


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Progression in Mathematical Calculation

Progression in Key Mathematical Representations

Progression in Mathematical Vocabulary