Curriculum Intent

Rationale behind our curriculum: 

We intend our curriculum to support the Trust ambition that we 'inspire learners and change lives'.

Our curriculum is rooted in two principle aims: 

  • To teach our core values so that each child will be prepared for their future part in the wider world as local, national and global citizens.

  • To develop in every child the behaviours to become lifelong learners, opening their eyes to possibilities, developing ambition and aspiration.

We believe that our core values of: Being Kind, Being Collaborative, Being Independent, Being Aspirational, Being Determined, Being Inquisitive are the stepping stones to our children having successful futures and being good citizens.


Our curriculum design reflects the diversity of the community and oracy is at its heart. It is relatable and meaningful to our children and their families. We carefully balance the requirement for pupils to reach Age Related Expectations (ARE) in core subjects with our wider curriculum aims of providing a balanced range of enriching experiences. Physical and mental well-being are both valued and prioritised.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is coherently sequenced with the primary aim to build knowledge. It is relevant, challenging and underpinned by the National curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to be accessible and meet the needs of ALL children. We have created progression documents that map core knowledge and identify what we intend children to learn, know and be able to do at each stage in their journey through primary school and beyond. This provides the children with the opportunity to revisit vital skills and knowledge regularly and embed this learning; therefore becoming experts.


At Hilltop, effective teaching and learning (as outlined in our teaching and learning policy) is underpinned by:

  • Organisation -teachers are prepared, systems and routines are in place, high expectations for all are set.

  • Teachers’ strong subject knowledge - teachers understand the subjects that they teach and pinpoint the core knowledge required to help children know and remember more. Children regularly revisit this through the use of knowledge organisers and low stakes quizzing.

  • Strong knowledge of how children learn best- teachers understand the sequence of learning and how to build children’s knowledge. 

  • Strong relationships - we know the children well and know how to engage and motivate them.

  • An environment that promotes ‘Expert Learners’ - where children take control of their own learning through Metacognitive and Growth Mindset strategies.

  • An emphasis on the application of core skills across the curriculum.

This consistency ensures that all children are taught to a high standard, in all year groups, in all subjects.  


Children’s progress is measured against the core knowledge we expect them to have remembered at each stage of their learning. Regular revisits and reviews of prior learning, low stakes quizzing and standardised testing of identified core knowledge ensures curriculum intent is being met.


If you require additional information about how we learn and our curriculum, please email The Senior Leadership Team at