Physical Education

At Hilltop Primary School we use the REAL PE and REAL Gym curriculum to teach physical education.

You can find out more about REAL PE and Gym here.

Real PE and Gym develops physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills alongside fundamental movement skills. 

It is taught through a multi skills approach rather than a sport first approach. This is because many children have not yet developed the core fundamental movement skills required to apply them to a traditional sport such as football or netball. 

Real PE/Gym has two elements:

  • Multi Skills Cogs - Six different physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills. Each is the focus of one half term.

  • Fundamental Movement Skills (FUNS) - 12 core PE skills and 5 core Gym skills. The core skills are revisited, consolidated and developed progressively from Foundation Stage to Year 6. 

The teaching and learning of each lesson has an objective from both. 

Foundation Stage and Year 1 children are taught both elements through active stories, games and songs. 

In Real Gym this thematic approach is used for all of KS1.

Real PE and Real Gym meet the aims of the national curriculum for physical education and ensures that all Hilltop children:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities 
  • lead healthy, active lives.




Subject Overview

Click here to see an overview of the PE taught in each year group.



Progression in Core Knowledge and Skills


  • Every Fundamental Movement Skills activity has progressions from simple to complex.
  • The Fundamental Movement Skills are repeated and extended in each year group to consolidate and extend. Activities for each skill will progress in challenge. This is organised in levels of complexity from yellow to black activities. This provides appropriate progression in fundamental skills. 
  • Within Real Gym, activities are differentiated from Tricky to Trickier and finally Trickiest.

Progression is outlined in the documents below:

Progression in Fundamental Movements Skills (FUNS)

Progression in Gym Skills

Progression in Multi Skills Cogs

Progression in Core Knowledge


Subject Portfolio

Please click here to see some examples of the physical education curriculum taught at Hilltop Primary School.