At Hilltop, we follow the Charanga scheme of music. The Charanga scheme ensures continuity and progression in musical knowledge and skills across the school. This scheme of work uses an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning. The interralated dimensions of music are weaved through the units to encourage the development of musical skills. Each unit of work comprises of the strands of musical learning which correspond with the National Curriculum for music:

1. Listening and Appraising

2. Musical Activities

3. Performing

Music provision will also include

-Whole class Instrument lessons taught by peripatetic music teachers in Year 5

-Music extra-curricular clubs


Subject Overview

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Progression in Core Knowledge and Skills

Please see here for a core and disciplinary knowledge progression:

Progression in core knowledge

KS1 progression disciplinary knowledge

KS2 progression in disciplinary knowledge


Knowledge Organisers

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Subject Portfolio

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