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This term our topic is 'Machines, Magic and Imagination'. 

Throughout this topic we will be learning about robots and how they work. In our art lessons we explore the artwork of Eric Joyner, who created images of robots in unfamiliar settings. We carefully use sketching pencils, crayons, watercolour paints and collaging materials to create our own Eric Joyner inspired pieces of art. In our D.T lessons, we plan, create and evaluate our own model robots. After learning about the moving mechanisms of cams, levers, cogs and pulleys, we create our own mechanisms to allow parts of our robots to move. In history we explore how and when robots were first made and the different roles and jobs they carry out.

In our English lessons we will explore the adventure story 'Leon and the Place Between' by Angela McAllister. We learn about the structure of an adventure story and explore lots of writing features, including onomatopoeia, speech and exciting vocabulary. The children use their learning to write their own adventure story. We also explore the writing genre of explanantion texts, using our learning from our science lessons to explain how shadows are formed. Throughout this unit the children learn how to use causal connectives and technical vocabulary.