Religous Education

At Hilltop, the RE curriculum is based on the West Sussex Agreed Syllables. The following five main faiths are taught:






Each year group learns a different but complementary aspect of each of the 5 main faiths, they are compared and similarities and differences explicitly noticed, recognised and respected. 

Core knowledge is mapped out across the school identifying what children will know and have learnt by the end of each term.

RE skills are identified in progressive documents. As thinking, discussion and interpretation skills become more complex, so does the knowledge, vocabulary and understanding. 

In Upper KS2, Children develop their understanding of theology and begin to form their own questions about beliefs and the meaning of life. 





Subject Overview

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Progression in core knowledge and skills

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Knowledge Organisers

Please see our knowledge organisers for RE below:

Yr1 Knowledge Organiser

Yr2 Knowledge Organiser

Yr3 Knowldge Organiser

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Yr5 Knowledge Organiser

Yr6 Knowledge Organisers

Subject portfolio

Here's a taste of the RE curriculum we teach at Hilltop Primary School.

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term