• Year 1 Spring 1 balance Bike Header


This half term our topic is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. Click on the link to our topic letter to see what we have been learning.

Our courtyard role play area has been transformed into Space Travel agents. The children enjoyed booking holidays to all of the planets and visiting the space café. They have also been busy using the construction to make moon buggies and rockets.

In Science we have learnt all about light and dark. We have carried out a range of first-hand investigations to answer questions such as “Which coloured puppet will we see in the dark?” Children had a sense of awe and wonder as their preconceptions were challenged. Linked to their Balance Bike training, the children also investigated which materials are reflective and will keep them safer when riding at night. In History, we have also found out about Neil Armstrong and his trip to the moon. Later this term, we made observations of the seasonal changes as we move from winter into spring.

During physical education, the children have had lots of fun developing their riding skills on Balance Bikes with the support of the visiting Bikeability instructors. The children were able to use their new confidence by playing a range of team games and obstacle courses.

In our English, Year 1 has become experts at writing instructions. The children had the opportunity to follow some instructions on ‘How to Ice a Biscuit’. The children have now written their own instructions on ‘How to catch an Alien’ and ‘How to ride a Balance Bike’. This term, they have also become ‘Planet scientists’, first learning about the planets and then writing about one of them in an eye-catching report.