• Autumn Days Reception 2014

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is ‘Autumn Days’. Click on the link to our Topic Letter to see what we have been learning.

We began the half term learning about fireworks. We created beautiful pictures using ICT, splatter paintings and watercolour wash pictures. We also learnt about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali. We watched videos and listened to children and teachers who celebrate Diwali. They showed us photo's and we learnt how to make diwa lamps and rangoli patterns.

As the weather grew colder we went on autumn walks and talked about the changes in the seasons. The children noticed that the leaves had changed colours to red, orange, yellow and brown and looked for seeds that had fallen to the ground. We also talked about berries, squirrels collecting nuts and how other animals prepare for the winter months. To continue our learning about nocturnal animals and hibernation the children wil learn text maps to retell fats about badgers, hedgehogs, bats and foxes. They could retell these at home.

During our focus on Percy the Park Keeper the children will discover that a terrible storm has damaged Percy’s park and destroyed a great tree which was home to many animals. The children will write ‘to do’ lists to Percy of things that he should do to fix the park. When learning about measuring length the children will follow instructions, work together and measure accurately to make a new tree for the animals!

During the latter half of the term we will learn the Christmas story, practise for our Christmas assemblies and will enjoy the festivities.