• Year 4 Summer 2


This term our topic is ‘Year 4 save the world by Summer! Click on the link to our Topic letter to see what we have been learning.

We begin the term with our ‘Year 4 adventure week’! During this week, some of us will go on the Goodwood residential trip. Throughout the week, all of us will be exploring the environment around us through shelter building, orienteering, creating natural sculptures, making bread and much much more!  As our topic is about saving the world, the children will spend time exploring the 3 R’s and how we can help save the planet! We will also be considering where food comes from and planting our own flowers, vegetables and fruit in the Year 4 allotment.

In our English sessions, we will look at persuasive writing tools. After our ‘Year 4 adventure week’, we will write persuasive letters encouraging the Year 3 children to join in the year 4 adventure week next year.  We will also be looking at, ‘Weslandia’ by Paul Fleischman, ‘The Paper bag Prince’ by Colin Thompson and ‘George Saves the World by lunchtime‘. After half term, we will begin by reading ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner.