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This term our topic is ‘Mighty Mountains’. Click on the link to our Topic letter to see what we have been learning.

In the first half of the Spring , we begun our topic by investigating which materials make the best thermal conductors or good thermal insulators. This helped us determine which materials would keep us warm up a snowy mountain. Later in in the term, during our Geography unit we researched the Kumaon which is a region in the Himalayas. We learned about the Himalayan climate and how this affects life in the Himalayas as well as identifying the Kumaon region on maps, locating surrounding countries and important towns and cities. We researched different mountaineers and presented to our friends. (You can see a few photos of this opposite!)

In our English sessions we explored the features of a non-chronological report. After unpicking the main features of these reports, we wrote our own report about Snow Leopards and other animals which live in this environment. In addition to our non-fiction work, we also read the fiction text ‘Blue John’. We explored the writer’s use of language then magpied some of these ideas to use in our own writing. We learned how to use powerful verbs, adjectives and repetition to add detail to our fantasy stories.

Alongside all this exciting writing, we also held a creative week themed around Africa. We wrote setting descriptions of an African savannah, produced colourful African wall hangings using different art media and went on a trip to Thomas Bennett to watch and take part in a perfomance of African drumming! It was brilliant!