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Autumn 1

This half term our topic is Africa. Click on the link to our topic letter to see what we have been learning.

Our courtyard has had an African safari hut with African animals and dressing up clothes. The children enjoyed acting as Safari rangers and hunting for more African animals. They also had small African animals in the sand tray to explore the different habitats of the African animals.

In music we explored different percussion instruments and the children made and decorated them with their own African animal print. We then used these instruments when we joined in with an Afrian dance. We enjoyed singing songs to tunes that we knew, using topic related vocabulary.

In our English sessions we have looked at texts that link with our topic, such as Meerkat Mail. The children became experts with this text and developed their non-fiction writing skills using a text map and actions to support them. They have learnt all the different writing tools they need to create an interesting information page about a Scorpion, Adder or Crocodile. This helped them to produce their own information page detailing the habitat, diet and gruesome facts.