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This term our topic is ‘A journey through Ancient Egpyt’. Click on the link to our Topic letter to see what we have been learning.

Throughout the Autumn term, we have been learning about Egyptian art and Egyptian hieroglyphics.  In addition to this, we have designed our own Egyptian themed tile, printed the tile onto material using metallic paints and finally spent a long time sewing using a range of stiches. We have also been focusing on the history of Ancient Egypt and children have found out about various apsects of life in Ancient Egypt. They explored Egyptians rituals, beliefs and the importance of Egyptian gods. In particular, they learned all the gory details of the mummification process and wrote some instructions on ‘ How to mummify a body!’  

In our English sessions we have looked at newspaper articles. We have unpicked the key features of a newspaper article and now recognise how important it is to ‘hook’ the reader in with an engaging story.  We have experimented with using the most appropriate writer’s tools like ‘drop in clauses ’, ‘alliteration’ and ‘time openers’ to tell the story in an interesting way.  They have learnt a newspaper text map for ‘King Tut in Murder Mystery’ and have explored through drama activities how they think Tutankhamen may have died. This has helped them produce a newspaper article that includes an engaging hook and ambitious vocabulary.  This term we will also be reading the text ‘The Lost Happy Endings’.  We will explore the writer’s use of language then magpie some of these ideas to use in our own writing. We will learn how to use powerful verbs and figurative language to describe characters and settings.