Posted on: May 4th 2017

Just a reminder about School drop off and attendance

Just a reminder… the school doors open at 8.40am. Children should not be left on the playground before this time as they are not supervised. If you are dropping your child at school before 8.40am, please remain with them. If you need to drop your child earlier than 8.40am, please book them into the breakfast club.

School attendance

We only have 190 school days every year and each day at school counts. Missing school has a big impact on a child’s learning and they can quickly fall behind. The Education Act (2006) makes it clear that only in ‘exceptional and unavoidable’ cases should absence from school be authorised.  ‘Unavoidable’ absence is when a child is ill or if they have a medical appointment that can’t be arranged outside of school time. An example of an ‘exceptional’ reason for missing school would be to attend a funeral or wedding and only 1 or 2 days would be authorised. Family holidays will not be authorised. Before you make any plans to take your child out of school, please speak to the school office so you are fully aware of the possible consequences. The information is also on the back of the ‘Request for absence’ form which you can get from the office or the website.