This term our topic is Once Upon a Time.
In Year 2 we have been lost in the magic of Fairy Tales. Our writing areas have been transformed into mystical castles. The children have had daily opportunities to explore a variety of fairy tale texts, which they have throughly enjoyed. In our English lessons we have looked at the well-known story of Little Red Riding Hood. We became authors and wrote our very own warning tales, using the structure of Little Red Riding Hood to help us. 
In our science lessons we looked at habitats and food chains. We had a great time in the enchanted garden looking for minibeasts and how they all have different habitats. We also used our maths skills to record our minibeast sightings in a pictogram. In our geography lessons, we looked at wolf habitats and how these differ around the world. We then planned how we would make our own wolf habitat. Thinking carefully about the size, materials and colours it would need to be for either the Artic, Ehtiopian or Manned wolf. Once we had completed our plans we were able to create our very own wolf habitat using shoe boxes and art materials. We worked very well in our groups and were really pleased with our finished pieces. 
Click on the link to our Topic Letter to see what we have been learning.