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Welcome to the School Council page of our website.

At the beginning of term, every class from Years 1-6 held elections to determine the member of the class they wished to represent them on the School Council. This gave us a good chance to discuss the meaning of democracy. Children made speeches to try to convince their peers they would be the right person for the job.


The new School Council have met several times this term. Early discussions were about how much safer the area around school is now we have our new road markings (asked for by last year's School Council). However, the children were concerned some people were ignoring the markings and parking in unsafe areas still. The Council was pleased to see parking wardens patrolling the areas around school and felt this made us all safer.

The main focus for the School Council this term was to set up a link with a local community project. The Council decided that St Catherine's Hospice, just a five minute walk away, would be ideal. Discussions were held over what the Hospice does and how it needs our help to continue its great work. The Council came up with three different activities to help raise awareness and money:

1) The KS2 Councillors to visit the Hospice and to invite people there to come and run assemblies in Hilltop to share what amazing work they do.

2) Some children from Year 3 to go to join other volunteers in Carol Singing in the County Mall near Christmas in order to raise money from shoppers.

3) The School Council to promote a Christmas Jumper Day in December where every child donates £1 to the Hospice in return for wearing Christmas clothing to school.

Alongside this huge new venture, Henry Smith MP visited Hilltop to talk to the older Councillors about democracy, his role and give his thoughts on everything from Brexit to funding for glue sticks! It was fascinating to be visited by a real MP!

What a busy time!


The term started with a catch up meeting about playtime equipment and the new parking enforcement lines. The children were keen to try a new playtime equipment rota which Mrs Hollingdale and Mrs Baldwin had introduced and were tasked with reporting back about the positives and any issues with the new system at a future meeting. The Councillors were also interested in seeing if the new parking lines were having a positive impact on the safety of childen when coming to or leaving school. Look at our photos of when we went outside school to check if drivers were taken notice of the no-parking lines.

After half term, the Council met to discuss ideas for raising money on Red Nose Day in March. In small groups, the children came up with a range of brilliant suggestions for how Hilltop could be 'funny for money'. These included:

- Dressing up in a comedy outfit (such as a clown) or wear a funny item (such as funny glasses).

- A joke competition.

- A red nose treasure hunt.

- Silly races and competitions such as 'Knock the nose off the donkey'.

and many, many more...

In the end, the Council decided that a funny dress up day for £1 donation and a joke competition with the best being produced in a joke book - The Hilltop 'Jook' - which the Council sold around the school was the best idea.

How exciting!


In the Summer Term, the School Council worked on two main projects:

1) Fundraising

As part of the continued link with St Catherine's Hospice, the School Council planned a fundraising active half hour where children could take part in a range of different activities on the school field for a £1 donation. The children loved the chance to get out in the sunshine and get active!

Alongside this, members of Year 6 asked if they could raise funds for other charities they had interests in. The Council thought this was a great idea and suggested the idea of a cake sale, with each charity having its own stall selling cakes. Yummy!

2) Road Safety

Linked to the relatively new road markings around the entrance to the school, the School Council decided that a competition to design bright, vibrant warning posters for parents and other drivers should be held to ensure children are safe when walking to and from school. The Councillors introduced the competition in assemblies and then looked through the entries, picking winning designs to be made into larger posters and put up around the marking areas.

Haven't the School Council been busy this year! Thank you to each and every one of them for their enthusiasm and hard work in representing their classmates over the terms. We are looking forward to electing new Councillors in September!