• Children as Leaders

Children as Leaders

Children as Leaders

Many people believe that great leaders are made, not born, and there is no better time to start honing leadership skills than in childhood. It is never too early – or too late – to start developing leadership qualities and with the right encouragement and support, children can realise their natural potential and enhance the leadership skills which will help them succeed throughout life.

At Hilltop Primary School the children participate in a number of young leadership schemes. These include:

  • Play Leaders: Leaders design and run active games for other children during lunchtimes
  • Language Leaders: Leaders support pupils who are learning English as an additional language and help them settle when arriving at the school
  • Lunch Leaders: Leaders run a wide range of lunchtime clubs which range from arts and crafts to drama and dance
  • Sports Leaders: Leaders report on sports competitions the school has participated in and model the values of fair play and sportsmanship
  • Readers as Leaders: A reading ‘buddy’ system operates between Yr6 and Yr2 children. Leaders model the behaviours of a reader and discuss with the children their choice of book
  • Life Leaders: Leaders are trained to coach and support their younger peers
  • School Council: Democracy in action. Children represent the views of their classmates regarding school, community and global matters


Involving children in leadership activities has many benefits, including:

  • Enabling them to become more self-aware and look at the positive and negative aspects of their own behaviour
  • Boosting their self-esteem and morale
  • Helping them to practice listening skills, increasing their public confidence and expressing themselves clearly to others
  • Developing their organisational skills and the ability to manage others
  • Helping in overall personality development and promoting ‘can-do’ attitudes
  • Raising their profile within the school