Award winning author Emily Gravett visits Hilltop!

This week we were very lucky to have Emily Gravett come and work with Years 1 and 2. We enjoyed listening to her share her stories and tell us all about how she became an illustrator and writer. We even got to help her draw and tell a story about what wolves like to eat; lots of rabbits!

Later on, Emily read her story 'Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears'. We then had lots of fun making scary mouse hats to keep the wolves away. Freya in Bluebell class said, 'I put wings on my mouse so that he could fly down and make wolves jump!' Year 1 looked very frightening in their mouse hats and were keen to wear them home. We are looking forward to reading more of Emily's books in class and having ago at writing some of our own wolf stories.

"I liked the bit when Emily made funny noises in her stories." Alastair, Lily Class


"I've never met a real author before I want to meet another one!" Abdullah, Lily class